The Best Online Tutorials On Vedic Mathematics: We are committed to spread the World’s Fastest Mental Calculation System across the globe through our advanced and innovative learning platform. Mathematics is universally regarded as a non-stimulating and boring subject. There are many a factor attributing to this general perception.After years of research and interaction with students in direct classrooms, we realized that Vedic mathematics can be a great tool to change the attitude of the younger generation. All our programs are designed and modified to achieve this goal. Our unique programs include direct classroom sessions, very effective online tutorials, workshops and seminars for schools and colleges, certified teachers training programs, etc. Our pedagogy method, let it be online tutorials or direct class room sessions, is innovative in every way.

The key features that make us unique are:

  • The best pedagogy style for group and individual learning.
  • Limited instructional time; more of student involved activities.
  • Excellent motivation system.
  • Games and fun-filled activities for application and reinforcement of the concepts.
  • Vedic Mathematics for speed and accuracy.
  • Very effective online tutorials

Why does a child need to be trained in a VMAT way?

Every child has her own way of understanding and learning things. Some of them are auditory learners while others are visual learners. The third type of learners kinesthetic learners. Most of the students fall under any of the above categories and also may have mixed learning style. We have take used special strategies in our programs (even in our online tutorials)to entertaining all these types of learners, and that makes us stand apart from others.

You will Witness Every Child:

  • Falling in love with mathematics in no time.
  • Learning multiplication tables up to 100 in couple of minutes.
  • Doing huge and complicated calculations in head in seconds.
  • Dramatically improving after a couple of sessions.
  • Beginning to enjoy math and looking forward to math classes.
  • Bidding good bye to his/her math anxiety or math phobia forever.