VMAT Regular Program: A unique program for the age group 5 to 15 which is available only in our authorized centers. The program is a major breakthrough in the teaching of math. This program is a combination of Vedic mathematics, school mathematics, hands on and fun-filled activities where all the important concepts are reinforced through indoor and outdoor games as well as our magical worksheets.Our Vedic math classes are most student friendly and time appropriate with the innovative, fun-filled activity sessions


The Fastest: Vmat uses the fastest mental calculation system, Vedic mathematics for laying a strong foundation in arithmetic. A VMAT student can even raise a calculator with his/her stunning speed of calculation.

Magical: This may be the only program which enables a 5-year-old child can learn all basic operations in just 6 months. Thus VMAT has proved to be the fastest math learning program ever.

Fun filled: A program with little instructional time and more of fun-filled activities. No matter what an attitude a child has towards the subject, the child may fall in love with math after one or two of our Vedic math classes.

Logic Based: A progam with more focus on logic and reasoning as well as memory and concentration.

Innovative: A unique system where conventional mathematics and Vedic mathematics work together to make math learning a child’s play.

Activity Based: A program where all important mathematical concepts are taught through hands on and fun-filled activities.

Game Based: A Unique program Where all concepts are reinforced through indoor and outdoor games. Vmat makes the learning process exciting and thrilling.

Student Friendly: The most student friendly program ever with an excellent motivation system.

No Home Work; Only Fun Work: A unique system where children are not burdened with lots of home work, but with very interesting and effective worksheets.

No Math Tests, Only Math Fests: No pressure of assignments and monthly tests but a very interesting and student-friendly method of evaluation.

Unlike other Vedic Math Classes,Vmat follows a unique strategy to engage each child very actively in the learning process. The child is given great individual attention and we make sure the time spent in our (Vedic) math classes is very effectively and each student gets rewarded out of them.