FEATURES: The first and only program of its kind. The Vedic mathematic concepts are explained in a very student friendly manner which makes even a math-phobic student fall in love with math in no time. The whole program is divided into 4 phases. The fundamentals are explained (avoiding all technical terms) such a way that even a 7-year-old child can listen to the videos and understand them easily and independently. A few of the features that make this program different from other programs are:

  1. Hundreds of video lectures which are explained in very clear and lucid language.
  2. No common white-board-chalk system.
  3. Every lesson is followed by a transcript to make the understanding easier and better.
  4. In addition to the transcript, every lesson is followed by detailed notes giving more examples. The colorful illustrations make it easy to understand.
  5. Every lesson focuses on a single concept and is followed by practice sessions. The students can check their answers instantly just clicking a submit button and get the feedback instantly.
  6. A unique facility that gives this course the effect of a one-on-one class is that the students will be able to interact with the teacher during the subscription period if they have any questions related to the concepts they have learned in the any of the lessons. The students will be able to request for a live class with the instructor and can clear their doubts in person. The Virtual class room makes use of advanced online learning system using online white board system which can be used by both the instructor and the student.
  7. Those who complete each phase will be given a certificate of completion of the same.