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The schools can book their workshops before 15th of every month. Vmat opens a new information counter at Whitefield, Bangalore (Immadihalli Road, Near KEB office). Thank you for all the new schools which joined VMAT this month.
This website provides you online training in Vedic math using an innovative approach. Students, teachers, institutes, and educational institutions can get benefited from this program. We also provide the worksheets, DVD's and books on different subjects to cater to the needs of the students as well as institutes. We believe in quality and result and that make us stand peerless.
We provide Vmat Learning System (VLS) which is a complete online learning solution for mastering the world's fastest mental calculation system, the most time appropriate and student friendly manner.
All those who are looking for an efficient and result oriented math learning program. 1) School and Educational institution. 2) Students 3) Teachers 4) Competitive Exam Aspirants 5) Parents 6) All those who wants to lay a strong foundation in math.


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An incredible outcome!

Here is what Vmat is...

Vmat is the fastest mental calculation system in the world. A Vamt student can even race a calculator with his/her stunning speed of calculation.
The only program where a 5-year old child can learn all basic operations in just 6 months. Thus VMAT has proved to be the fastest math learning program ever.
A program with more focus on logic and reasoning as well as memory and concentration skills.
The most student friendly program ever with an excellent motivation system.
A unique system where conventional math and Vedic math work together to make math learning easier and interesting.
A program with little instructional time and more of fun-filled activities.
A unique program where all concepts are reinforce through indoor and outdoor activities. Vmat makes the learning process exciting and thrilling.
A program where all important mathematical concepts are taught through hands-on and fun-filled activities.


An innovative approach towards teaching mathematics combining Vedic mathematics with conventional mathematics.

1) Coverage of all important concepts of school mathematics.
2) Coverage of all important concepts of Vedic mathematics.
3) Internationally acclaimed pedagogy methods
4) Every important concepts through hands-on activities.
5) Games and activities for the reinforcement of the concepts.
6) Direct and online learning facility

A Sample Lesson


Vedic Mathematics is a system of calculation which existed in India about 3000 years ago. This great ancient Indian treasure was rediscovered from the Vedas between 1911 and 1918 by a great scholar and philosopher, Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji (1884 – 1960). This unique system enables us to do huge and complicated numbers in head with lightning speed and is becoming very popular around the world. Vedic method is a very coherent and interrelated and is quite easy to apply.



Rakhi Advani

CEO, Qualchem International Corp.
This is obviously an innovative approach towards teaching mathematics   .

Girish Venkatachallaih

Director, IBM
My son's speed, accuracy, and confidence level have improved dramatically in a couple of months after joining VMAT.
Sumita Somani

Sumita Somani

Founder and CEO, Adoemi Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
VMAT does an awesome job.

Murali Ramachandra

Vice President, Aurigene
My daughter used to hate math, but now mathematics has become one of her favorite subject, and she began to score almost 100% in her school exams.

Arun Agrawal

General Manager, Shell Technology, India
VMAT principles work wonderfully among children to create a real spark of interest in the subject. I am very pleased with the progress Aryan has made in a very little  time.

Prakash Bare

CEO, Silicon Media
We have been looking for a program like this. This is evidently a major breakthrough in the teaching of mathematics.

Sunil Menon

Director, CISCO Systems
We have noticed a marked difference in our children's outlook on the subject. They have improved their calculation speed 4 to 5 times in a couple of months, and in Pallavi's case, she is able to do 2-digit and 3-digit multiplication in her head comfortably and takes 30 seconds to multiply 5-digit and 6-digit numbers.

Ganesh Lakshminarayanan

President & MD, DELL
Vmat has created a learning appetite in my child. Her logical and problem solving skills have improved along with her speed and accuracy.

Robert Parker

"I have seen a steady improvement in my daughter's academic performance as well mental calculation skills after joining VMAT."