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V-MAT works on a unique strategy which is innovative, unconventional, and result oriented.
This is the only program of its kind in the world. Works on 3 important aspects 1)Create interest and motivate 2) Fill the learning gap & lay a strong foundation, and 3) boost up the confidence level by adding incredible mental math skills to each and every student.

1. Love for math: The child who joins V-MAT begins to love math.
2. Logical Thinking: The child develops a logic-based approach.
3. Incredible Mental math skills: This course improves the calculation speed up to 10 times with better accuracy.
4. Improved academic performance: The child shows a markable difference in the attitude towards learning maths and interest level and great positive changes in academic performance. V-MAT students seem to understand even very complicated math concepts which are taught in schools quite quickly and easily.
5. Turns to be a performer: Students who works with dedication turns to be stage performers or math wizards.
6. Improved Numerical Memory: Sharpens the brain, improves the number sense and the overall personality of the students.

The duration of the V-MAT course varies and depends on individual learning pace and time commitment. Generally, the offline program spans a minimum of 3 years. On the other hand, each phase of the online program is designed to be completed within one year. However, the overall timeframe is influenced by the child's learning pace and the time dedicated to the course.

If your child is struggling with building a strong foundation, making frequent calculation errors, and still relies on finger counting, we recommend the Math Fluency Program. This program is suitable for students regardless of their current class, as establishing a solid foundation in basic math is crucial for future learning.

It is always better to start with the math fluency program in that case and proceed further.

No, there will be dramatic changes in couple of weeks after joining V-MAT. A Grade 1 student who attends math fluency program (MFP) will be able to attend the other programs on completion of the MFP

Not at all. This program does not insist children to work hard but motivate them to do it with lot of fun work.

Yes, you can contact us and book for a live session. Most cases, it may not be necessary as the online programs are quite easy to understand.

This program focuses on helping students grasp the intrinsic beauty of numbers and understand how they function. Even students who are already proficient in math can gain a new perspective and excel further. V-MAT goes beyond conventional methods by introducing concepts not typically covered. For instance, when learning divisibility, a conventional student might learn specific rules, whereas at V-MAT, students progress to a higher level where they can check divisibility by numbers ending with 9, 3, 1, etc., and derive a general rule. It's noteworthy that V-MAT enables students to find the cube root, fifth root, or ninth root of 6 to 10-digit numbers in just 5 seconds.

If your child is in high school, we recommend starting with the Phase 1 course, followed by advancing to Phase 2 and Phase 3. This progressive approach ensures a comprehensive and effective learning experience, addressing various aspects of math education tailored to high school students.

Making Courses

The students of the age group 5 to 15 can choose a program suitable to their age.

Both are entirely different concepts. Abacus does need a visual aid to learn maths but V-MAT does not need any such tool. V-MAT is similar to conventional methods but smarter and easier to understand and assimilate.

The V-MAT firmly believes without a strong foundation in school mathematics, whatever we teach will be in vain. So, the math fluency program ensures every child is comfortable with the basic operations before taking the main course. V-MAT strategies are supplementary to what they are learning in school and not an entirely different approach. They make the students understand how numbers work, and how they can be tamed to excel in math.

Students need not memorize any multiplication tables or addition facts but they may be able to improvise it with much ease. A 5-year-old child who does V-MAT for 2 to 3 years will be able to find the cube root of a 6- or 7-digit number in less than 3 seconds. A V-MAT student hardly byheart multiplication tables, addition facts etc but within couple of months they will be able to improvise multiplication tables up to 100 or 1000 depending on the effort they put. Our students do almost all calculations mentally squaring, finding the square roots, finding percentage, checking divisibility, multiplying fractions or decimals, etc. with much ease. It is not only useful for students in school level but in excelling in all competitive exams where math plays a vital role.

Of course, its specially designed classroom-tested study material will help them to be in the mainstream in no time. No child will be excluded or left behind. We recommend spending a little more time on the basics and master them well to help the students to fill the learning gaps.

Yes, the V-MAT programs helps every student. If the child is already good at math, it will help him/her turning to be a wiz kid with incredible calculation skills.
For example, when an average child learn to improvise multiplication tables up to 100. a clever students will be able to learn multiplication facts up to 1000.

You can contact us over the phone or visit the nearest centre in your locality. If you want to join the program online, you can opt for a subscription directly from our website.

Our online program is quite unique and easy to use, understand and practice. We advise parents supervision if the child is below the age of 9.

Any online program becomes accessible upon payment through the payment gateway. After the transaction, access is granted automatically. If you require doubt-clearing sessions, feel free to contact us and book a slot as needed.

The minimum age for joining the Math Fluency Program is 5 years. However, if your child is exceptionally talented and displays a keen interest in numbers, enrollment can even be considered at the age of 4 or 4.5. It's important to note that at this age, parental guidance is essential for the child's participation in the program.

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