V-MAT offline(direct) Sessions

Periodic Workshops and Seminars: V-MAT provides offline sessions in three formats. Firstly, we offer regular monthly workshops and seminars held in schools for students. Schools can book sessions well in advance, and our team will visit on the scheduled day. For further details, schools can contact us directly.

V-MAT within curriculum: Schools have the option to integrate our program into their curriculum. Our teachers will conduct sessions regularly based on a mutually agreed-upon schedule. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

Teachers Training Sessions: Additionally, we offer training sessions for teachers focused on the activity-based math pedagogy method, aiming to make math teaching more engaging for students. Schools interested in organizing these training sessions can contact us directly. Certificates will be provided to participating teachers.

Math Lab and Math Club: V-MAT also offers hands-on/game-based activity kits designed for students up to class 7. These tools facilitate math learning through engaging activities. Teachers will receive training on how to effectively utilize these tools in the classroom.

Summer Camps: We assist schools in organizing summer camps across various disciplines, including Math Foundation Programs, Vedic Maths Workshops, V-MAT Crash Courses, Math Fluency Programs, Handwriting and Science Workshops, as well as Spoken English and Grammar Classes. Schools or institutes interested in organizing these camps can contact us before March each year to initiate the process.