We have 3 main programs available for schools.

We offer regular programs for schools and colleges aimed at creating a captivating experience for students in the wonderful world of math. Our programs are designed to foster a love for the subject and provide students with a strong foundation in mathematics.

We provide three modes of program delivery:

1) Workshops: Schools have the opportunity to organize periodic workshops where our experienced team will visit your school as per the agreed schedule. The workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of different grade levels. Schools can choose between the Math Fluency program, designed for students in grades 1 to 5, the V-MAT Phase 1 program for students in grade 6 and onwards, or the Web-based learning program for students who prefer online learning. During the workshops, students will receive our magical worksheets and participate in engaging indoor and outdoor activities, making their learning experience both enjoyable and effective.

2) Regular Program: For a more comprehensive approach, our well-trained teachers can visit your school and conduct regular classes on a weekly basis. This program provides continuity and consistency in learning, allowing students to delve deeper into math concepts over time. Our teachers will follow a structured syllabus, ensuring a progressive and systematic learning experience for the students.

3) Web-based Learning Program: We also offer a web-based learning program where students can opt for a yearly subscription at a nominal price. This program allows students to access our online platform, attend live doubt-clearing sessions conducted periodically, and benefit from interactive online sessions.

By incorporating our programs into your school curriculum, you can provide your students with an enriching math education that goes beyond traditional methods. Our innovative teaching techniques, interactive materials, and hands-on activities will inspire students to develop a strong affinity for mathematics.

Contact us to discuss your school’s specific requirements and explore how our programs can benefit your students. Together, let’s create a math-learning environment that sparks curiosity, fosters critical thinking, and cultivates a lifelong love for the subject.

We also organize math workshops for college students, offering them a unique and non-conventional perspective on numbers. These workshops are designed to provide college students with a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and their applications in various fields.

Our workshops go beyond the traditional approach to mathematics and explore the beauty and intricacies of numbers from a different standpoint. Through interactive sessions, discussions, and engaging activities, we aim to ignite students’ curiosity and encourage them to think critically and creatively about mathematics.

By participating in our math workshops, college students will gain a fresh perspective on the subject, discovering its relevance and significance in real-world contexts. They will explore advanced mathematical concepts, problem-solving strategies, and analytical thinking, enhancing their mathematical reasoning and cognitive skills.

Our experienced instructors will guide students through stimulating discussions, thought-provoking exercises, and hands-on activities that challenge their intellect and foster a deeper appreciation for the beauty of mathematics.

Please contact us for implementing our programs in your schools and for further details.