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We dispelled the myth that math is only for a limited group of high IQ students. Our Vedic mathematics program helps each and every child learn math from the scratch and excel in it.

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Who We Are

We are the leader in the field Vedic mathematics. Vmat is a major breakthrough in teaching mathematics and has been greatly appreciated by the well-educated people across the world.What makes us different? What do you think is more important to a student when learning any subject? The subject which is taught or the method by which it is taught? Both are equally important. To any student what is taught and who teaches it are secondary. How a subject is taught is more important.Vedic mathematics itself is a charming subject. It can be exciting and thrilling if it is taught in a play-way method, and hence no child will be left behind. If utilized effectively, Vedic mathematics can be an amazing tool to make math learning a child's play. The skills a child can gain using this wonderful tool is incredible. Please watch our student's demo video. You will wonder if the same level of achievement possible teaching school mathematics for a decade. Anyway, this is high time we changed the general perception that math is dry and boring subject.To conclude, have done everything to make our Vedic math learning extremely interesting and exciting. We attribute our great success to our unique pedagogy method. And, take it from us, you will have the most exciting math learning experience ever. Hats off to Vedic mathematics and and great ancient Indian wisdom!

What We Do

Online Vedic Mathematics Program: We provide an excellent platform for learning Vedic mathematics online with 24 x 7 access, and interactive online sessions. It covers everything that you need to get mastery over this great subject. You will have: (1).Online video lectures. (2). Notes on lessons covering each and every Vedic math concept in detail. (3). Vedic math pdf lessons on request. (4). Very interactive practice sessions on each single concepts covered in the lessons. (5). A unique DVD sets (on request. (6) Online assessment and report on your performance. (7). Direct interactive sessions with instructor to clear your doubts, if any. (8). Practice books (on request)Direct Classroom sessions We also provide direct Vedic mathematics sessions in our authorized centers.Workshops We are specialists in conducting Vedic mathematics seminars and workshops for schools and colleges.Vedic Math Teachers Training Anyone with the basic knowledge of mathematics can learn Vedic mathematics from anywhere in the world. We have Certified Vedic math Training programs for adults who wish to learn it. We not only cover Vedic math but also guide you how to teach it quite effectively and in a result-oriented manner.